I asked, “What is the symbolism of the teeth?” I dreamt that I was playing another merging game. I dreamt that a girl was walking and saw the guy who she had a child with in front of her on the left. When she got up to him he said hello and her name. She said that she wasn’t her. Playing along, he introduced himself. I dreamt that a guy clamped the end of another guy’s left pointer finger instead of a fence. He didn’t feel anything. I knew what his reaction would be in the end so I didn’t … Continue reading Working


I asked, “What is the meaning of the teeth?” I dreamt of the chests in the game of EverMerge. (From July 24, 2021) Marriage I asked the same question. I dreamt that Mark and I were going to get married and that it was legal. (From July 23, 2021) Effort I asked the same question. I dreamt something with old baby carrots. I started to write a letter to dad asking him how he’s doing. I dreamt that I crossed a black street, looking both ways first. It was sloped down enough to move without effort. There were some shiny … Continue reading Prize

Taken Over

I asked, “What is the symbolism of the foal?). I dreamt that a spotlight was shining on me and Ali (?). I couldn’t see because of how bright it was. I dreamt that my body was taken over. When I became myself again I noticed that my left arm had all been tattooed, including a huge face of a man. I dreamt that I was talking with a man about another man who was also there. I was reading a verse, or two, about Saul in the Bible. Each sentence (or parts) had been added to a drawing of him. … Continue reading Taken Over


I asked, “What is the meaning of the foal?” I dreamt that I was playing the merge block game adding to the numbers. I dreamt that my (dream) grandma asked me if I was finished. I asked her, “With what?” (From July 11, 2021) Cod I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was playing a game that had cans of cod in it. (From July 10, 2021) Kermit I asked the same question. I dreamt something with Kermit the frog. I dreamt about visiting Las Vegas with someone. We were looking at a moving sculpture of an animal … Continue reading Addition


I asked, “What is the symbolism of the hole in my side?” I dreamt that I saw a small parked car that I had never seen before. I wrote (?) the name (4 letters) down to look up later. I dreamt that a guy was talking about something that happened/started the year I was born, looking at me with a smile. I think I was telling someone how old I am. I dreamt that I saw Michelle (?) wearing a tank top and asking her, or wanting to, where her garments are. (From July 6, 2021) Time I asked the … Continue reading Started


I asked, “What is the meaning of the hole in my side?” I dreamt that an older Christian man was telling me how a lady wasn’t speaking to him anymore. As he was talking I was noticing his face/countenance how it wasn’t shining /glowing. There were some kissing Christian dating gay women who were praising God. One of them had poufy hair. They were a mixed couple. They were laying down inside a camper (?) by the door. They were later outside (or another couple) sitting on the ground. I walked by them on my left and was going to … Continue reading Eating


I asked, “Who is the voice in the woods/trees?” I dreamt that a guy bought a new dark blue truck. I wondered why he would bring it here with all the crime that’s here. I dreamt that I went out back, holding the tall can of cat food and spoon, with a little bit of food on the spoon, before feeding them. I don’t know why. I saw the cross eyed cat (she isn’t) outside. I thought that if she was able to get out, then sneaky would also be able to. I turned and went to close the screen. … Continue reading Sneaky


I asked, “What is the symbolism of being naked?” I dreamt of actors being paid with credits. Other people thought that was unfair. I dreamt of being with some older women. We stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas that was in front of the beach. The entry had an arch outside to walk under. I was thinking that if we had stayed somewhere in town then we may have gotten lost and/or separated. After our time was up there we stayed in town and went shopping by the hotel. I noticed a lot of women wearing tube tops. I … Continue reading Paid


I asked, “What is the meaning of being naked?” I dreamt of seeing witches in the sky so I took a picture. They were having a celebration. They were all wearing black. I could see some grass on the other side of the clouds. Some were walking NE on pieces of large square sturdy white fabric used as a bridge. I saw three overweight sister missionaries with them. I saw them tumble/slip/slide down a hillside as they were starting to walk down when it was over. I told them that they shouldn’t be with them. I dreamt that a large … Continue reading Bridge


I asked, “Why was I naked?” I dreamt that I was at church with the (young) adults that I used to be among in a side room. We were there for a church program. Scott Miller and his wife finally had a baby. She had a chest tattoo, and on the inside of her forearms. I was thinking that she knew not to get them. His brother was also there. She was wearing a dress that had a picture in the front middle of legs wearing a mini skirt. Her bottom garments could be seen when she was sitting. She … Continue reading Baby