I asked, ”What is the restriction that was lifted?” (I was thinking about the quarantine dream but since I asked about the restriction I’ll go with that.) I dreamt something with Travis. He was a short distance away in front of me and to the left a little. He said something about what a person should do, meaning me. I then said something along the lines of what a person should do when they like someone, meaning him. I dreamt that I was at Micalanne’s in the backyard with her. There was a small/baby stout that looked abandoned so she … Continue reading Snoop


I asked, ”What is the meaning of Ginsburg?” I dreamt something an airplane and fern(s). I dreamt something about a plane and interior lights (red & blue?). I dreamt about a couple of apartments by/across from each other that were vacant. I was surprised that the one on the right still was. A guy was there for working on them. He asked me if I wanted to see it. I said yes. When he started to walk through the doorway there was a slight spider/cobweb. He stopped and came back out to put on different pants over the ones he … Continue reading Spiderweb


I asked, ”Who isn’t worried?” (I heard a female say “I’m not worried” in a night recording.) I dreamt that the owner of a well known business passed away. He was my age and had some land. I was frantically talking to the mother cat about me being haunted. I was telling her this before a guy showed up. Seems my vision was wanting to become blurry. (From Sept 22, 2020) Distance I asked the same question. I dreamt something about egg whites dripping out of the pipes under the (kitchen?) sink. I dreamt of seeing a black cat in … Continue reading Haunted


I asked, “What is the meaning of the spiderweb?” I dreamt of watching Married At First Sight. One of the couples was living in a haunted house. There was a black animal with curly hair, kinda shaped like a coffee table (small/thin legs and body), coming towards the camera. I dreamt that the old man neighbor had stretched his hose over to our side. It was in the air. It was by the bamboo so I started watering it. He came over, on the other side of the gate, to see what was happening. I don’t remember if he was upset … Continue reading Old


I asked, “What is the meaning of Bjorn?” I dreamt that I was laying on a small black couch (about the size of a folding one/futon) in my room after watching/listening to some music. I was waiting to fall asleep when I feel a touch on my left outer thigh. I freaked out. Not able to scream, but crying uncontrollably, I reached for the wall and started hitting it. Dad finally came in and I was able to tell him. I dreamt that Ali and I had walked back to the car and were about to put the groceries in … Continue reading Music


I asked, “What is the meaning of Bjorn’s hair?” I dreamt that we have two brains. One for viewing. The other one I don’t remember what it’s for but it rhymed with view. I dreamt that an ostrich (or another bird with long skinny legs) walked over a bear with the right leg. I dreamt that two women were playing monopoly on an almost empty parking lot because of the virus. The pieces of the game were laid out on the lot and were several sizes bigger than normal. I was thinking that was inconsiderate of them but then thought … Continue reading Delivery

Mom’s Choice

I asked, “What is the meaning of the yellow car?” I dreamt that I was shown how pieces of my dreams all fit together. I dreamt that Wendy was asking about getting a couch that was black for knowledge. I dreamt about furniture in a narrow room at a black man’s house had gotten updated. Where there was a white/creme background before there was now blue. The creme was mom’s choice. (From Sept 3, 2020) Shopping I asked the same question. I dreamt that me and mom (?) drove to church in Arizona which was just over the border. I … Continue reading Mom’s Choice


I asked, “What is the meaning of Travis?” I dreamt that a baby girl with a little bit of hair was telling me that she was (supposed) to be with me (adoption). I said, “Oh.” I don’t remember what else I said. I may have said something like “We’ll see ( what happens) .” I dreamt I saw Ben walking in front of the house, from right to left, to use the front door no longer using the side door on the right. I was thinking about the different doors to choose from to enter the house. There was a … Continue reading Adoption


I asked, ”What is the meaning of the dragon?” I dreamt that I was at Sis. Fisher’s house and giving her a tight hug for all the help she gave me. Her frame was small and reminded me of Lorene. I don’t remember if I expressed my gratitude for her to her. Tracy (?) was there with long (mid-back) blonde hair. I was scrapping some chocolate and graham crackers out of a rectangular pan. We (Tracy?) were at a theme /amusement park before we went to school. We were on a slow ride passing an airplane, that was facing us, … Continue reading Mixture


I asked, “What do I need to say/do 104 times to get rid of the spirits?” I dreamt that I was at an event with Steve and his blonde wife who was several months pregnant. A lady asked him if he had frenemies and he said yes. I was thinking about how he had gone to the city where he met his wife on his own after college. We were sitting at a round table with other people. A layered dark and rich chocolate cake was served. It was the same as one we had seen in a movie prior. … Continue reading Pregnant