My Way Out

I asked, “What is the meaning of the blood?” I dreamt that Cari was wearing short shorts. I debated on whether to say something. I finally asked her why she isn’t wearing her garments. I don’t remember what she said but she was flippant about it. I dreamt something about bronze, silver and gold. I dreamt that I was with people somewhere. I was on my way out outside when I saw a couple people on my right, facing behind me, playing a game of darts (?). It was a black guy on the left and a white girl on … Continue reading My Way Out

Another Family

I asked, ”What is the symbolism of the removal?” I dreamt that I was in a hospital wanting to walk through the hallway but it was lined up with people in beds, sometimes multiple people in a bed. I started by walking on top of the beds but saw that that wasn’t going to work so I got down. I saw a woman face down on the floor covered with a blanket. Blood was coming through to the top by her right shoulder. A nurse assured me that she was ok. I didn’t agree with her but didn’t say anything. … Continue reading Another Family


I asked, “What is the meaning of the removal?” I dreamt that I was in a small public restroom. It only had two (?) stalls. I went in the one on the right. There were some logs in the back on top sort of hiding. The button to flush was by the water. My finger touched a little of the water. It wouldn’t flush so I went to the left and it was clean. (From Nov 15, 2020) Tallow I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was telling someone that tallow is found in different animal bones. (From … Continue reading Hiding

Walk Away

I asked, ”What is the symbolism of quarantine?” I dreamt that an older woman was sitting, waiting in a hospital/clinic. A doctor came over by here. When he left, he held up his hands to show that he had pulled out her eyes. She then got up to walk away. I dreamt that the old man was filling in his pool with rocks. I told Ali that he’s probably selling his home and doesn’t want the pool to detract from the value. I dreamt that Briana (?) was in a hospital bed. I was washing off the old dirt/grime that … Continue reading Walk Away


(From Nov 4, 2020) I asked, “What is the meaning of quarantine?” I dreamt of a woman wearing a long smooth red gown. It may have been puffed out at the bottom as if wearing a hoop. I dreamt of listening to a song/music called ”The Removal” from a movie soundtrack. (From Nov 3, 2020) Stopping I asked the same question. I dreamt of hearing a small fan slowing down and then stopping. A famous hockey player had gained a little bit of weight and was having a hissy fit, pulling apart the layers of furniture. I dreamt something about … Continue reading Removal

No Longer Accepted

I asked, “What is the symbolism of the dinosaur?” I dreamt that I had married Travis and now I was getting a transfusion. I was going to be there about 3 hours.  I was walking around and saw a guy throwing baseball’s outside who was supposedly famous in Scotland. I was naked and conscious of it but didn’t put any clothes on. I had forgotten to shave my left leg. There was a pale skin black guy who was no longer accepted by the black community. Oxy dox (From Oct 30, 2020) Hidden I asked the same question. I dreamt … Continue reading No Longer Accepted


I asked, “What is the meaning of the dinosaur?” I dreamt that a couple people were singing as they were walking up the side of a mountain. There was a drop off on the left. I was thinking I was glad that I wasn’t doing that because of how easy it would be to fall. I dreamt that a lady said that she was looking forward for the restoration of all things. I told her that it’s already happened. I dreamt that a man had been stabbed inside the church. I was with several people who were trying to be … Continue reading Perpetrator


I asked, “What is the symbolism of the dragon?” ( I was thinking about the dinosaur but said dragon so we’ll go with that.) I dreamt that there was land real estate to the left of the Hollywood sign asking for several million. It had an eye anchor in the ground with wire attached rising to the left. House short distance away to the right for sale. I dreamt that I’m in a class. We are listening to sound on headphones (?) on our own split horizontal screens. One of the screens has a music video. Seether?  There is a … Continue reading Hollywood

Coming Around

I asked, ”What is the symbolism of Travis?” I dreamt about power. I dreamt that my dad and I were talking with a guy and his dad about the word heterosexual in the bible but they left before I found/turned to it. It was only mentioned once but was used for a different meaning/something else. I was using the large print edition/book but it had regular print. I dreamt that a young Steve and I were swimming in a small pool. There was another family there. Steve jumped off the diving board and hit his knee at the middle of … Continue reading Coming Around


I asked, ”Not worried about what?” I dreamt that I was at a white house in Henderson, Nevada with the family or some of them. There were hills in the back in the top right with letters on them. There was a dinosaur (T-rex?) outside that stretched it’s neck into the back. We were worried it would eat us. It did eventually go somewhere else but it could have come back. I was going through the house making sure I had everything and asking the others if they had everything before we were to leave in case it did come … Continue reading Dinosaur