I asked, “What is the meaning of color by number?” I dreamt something about a group of us putting poop in bags mixed with something else for those people who come and steal packages/gifts. I put some in my right armpit. Some were surprised and disgusted that I would do that. I dreamt about being in a building with other people where the military come back from their deployment. I was on a second story looking down at those waiting. I saw a female in white standing by herself. She was on the left facing right. Coming back a little … Continue reading Waiting


I asked, “What is the symbolism of Joseph?” I dreamt that Gladys Knight was with me and some other people. I don’t remember what we were doing. I asked her why she isn’t as famous as the others. I dreamt that mom had an Easter cling to the window that had pictures of the family on the bottom of it. (From April 14, 2021) Role I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was about to walk out of D. I. with the doors in front of me on my right. I walked by a square table on my … Continue reading Family

Eyes Open

I asked, “What is the meaning of Joseph?” I dreamt that three chickens hatched by/in water. One knew how to swim. Another, who was looking up at me, didn’t know how and was expanding so I lifted it up out of the water. One didn’t have the eyes open yet with water flowing over them. (From April 11, 2021) Woke Up I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was at work and “woke up” when there was only 15 minutes left. I apologized to my coworker and told her that she should have said something. I only had … Continue reading Eyes Open


I asked, ”What was Joseph cringing at?” I dreamt of an orange monkey spider (looks like a monkey spider with long limbs) crawled down the wall going on a woman’s face to kill her. I was at the Waterman building and a small classroom had been built in the corner of the parking lot. I helped to carry out some dessert for a lady. It was in a flimsy container but was able to keep it steady. I didn’t take it to her. I was with someone in the car and when we were going to give her the food … Continue reading Expansion

Time To Go

I asked, “Why was Joseph cringing?” I dreamt that someone put the cat food, still in the wrapping/packaging that they came in, laid out on the board, in the fridge so I took them out. I dreamt that I was asked about if I like meat. I asked if it was because I hadn’t eaten. We were having salmon and something else. Dad was grabbing some salmon. There was a few spider webs in the cupboard and I was telling someone that they need to clean it. I got them down, having more than I saw. I was hurrying to … Continue reading Time To Go

Let’s Go

I asked, “What is the symbolism of Vesuvius?” I dreamt that we lived in nice apartments. It was time to sleep. It was summer so I took my tan long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt off. We kissed each other good night. I was wondering how it would be to be in the manager’s place with all the people coming over. I was wondering about how it would be to be able to buy each building. I heard someone above us get excited and say, “Let’s go.” I wondered what they meant. (From March 30, 2021) Energy Change I asked the same question. … Continue reading Let’s Go


I asked the question, “What is the meaning of Vesuvius?” I had the phrase, “(You) can’t go back home.” I dreamt that each new generation is its dividing asunder. I dreamt that Oprah had given me her card to buy something. I realized that the cashier had given me the receipt and change ($235?) to me. I was thinking about if I could get away with keeping the change that she wouldn’t notice. Somehow she managed to get the change and left me with a tip. I don’t know how much. I dreamt (same?) that my ipod screen had changed … Continue reading Death


I asked, “Is the flexible soul a part of me?” I dreamt that there was a wavy road with a grass median on the left. Guys were practicing golf on it. I accidentally touched one of the balls in air causing it to go a different direction. I was apologizing to the man. I dreamt of being in a class and discussing baptism in the temple. I mentioned how other churches think it weird and we’re the only ones who have that. I said that each time it feels like the first time and being cleansed. I dreamt of standing … Continue reading Different

Thrown Away

I asked, “Who is the Flexible Soul?” (Been getting messages from someone who says they are me but on a higher multi dimensional level) I dreamt that I was at a store close to Easter. It was night time. I saw Barbie there. I wanted to get a chocolate but didn’t see any so I got in line to ask. When it was my turn, the line was back a ways from the cashier, a lady went to the cashier to pay but the cashier told her that she had to get in line. I had grabbed the ad to … Continue reading Thrown Away


I asked, “What is the symbolism of God’s signature?” I dreamt that I was naked. I was looking at some books that were at the end of Amy’s bed on the right while she was sleeping. Her head was on the left. I didn’t go in between the bed and books but leaned in to scan and look. She was on a bunkbed (?). I was looking for an encyclopedia about Vesuvius. She woke up enough to tell me to go to sleep. I didn’t look at her. I dreamt that I was watching a female walking outside to the … Continue reading Vesuvius