Rebecca & Riley

There was a group of teenagers sitting on a grassy hillside joyfully sitting waiting to watch, what? More than a handful of the girls had brought, bot the usual dog, but….rabbits. I was wondering, since I don’t know much about them, how they take care of the poop. How do these girls make sure the poop doesn’t get on them? Next, I saw myself down by the ocean. Somehow, someone had given me a rabbit (white with some tan) to watch over, and so I was carrying it with me (I have the rabbit with me throughout the dream up until the struggle with the mattress). It wasn’t struggling to get away, but it didn’t really want to stay with me either. There was a brick wall, with a one person pathway, we were walking along. It rounded a bend, but the pathway stopped. I could’ve jumped over to some rocks that jutted out, but since I had the rabbit, I didn’t want to make that choice. Next, I see a teacher in the hallway with two older teenage boys. These boys didn’t look dirty, but they didn’t look clean. They were somewhat built, had some muscle. I heard the teacher admonishing them not to expect anything from him just because he had adopted them. Next, I’m in a classroom looking for a place to sit. My usual seat up front was taken (I had that feeling, I didn’t actually see), so I went to the back. There were some desks (think of high school) that looked like they were for tiny, thin people (think of models). The desk in the middle had a red tabletop. There were about three, or four of them, they were situated close to each other, and I was wondering how to get in.  Next, I’m lying on a mattress, width wise of the room, wearing a dress (I mostly only wear when I need to), with the rabbit trying to get accustomed to me trying to find a comfortable position to sleep, with a blanket over us, facing a back door, which is open to the outside. (I don’t really notice what’s there, but have the feeling there’s grass and trees.) To the right of the door, next to the wall are two girls (about 13?) lying on another mattress, and they are facing the back. The girl next to the wall is slim, long blonde hair, with a pale face. Not sickly, just pale. She is looking at the wall and noticing what the teacher had put up.  Near the end of the wall are four old time looking keys on a ring, separated / spread out from each other. This girl asks, “What are those?” In my mind I sarcastically say that they are keys. She’s talking about something else, but all I hear is, “Now that I’ve got Rebecca.” She didn’t mean me, but a new girl that was sitting in a desk to my right. She has black hair that is about shoulder (blade) length, wearing a (cowgirl?) hat. Her boyfriend was to her right, and then another boy on his right. Rebecca then mentions she wishes she was back living up north where everyone at her old school knew her. As she says this, I see her coming into the school, and a group of girls start to excitedly gather around her. I sense though that this excitement is pretentious, and not actual. Next, (I don’t remember the sequence of these next two events) I’m watching a film (?) the teacher had put on for the class to see. The lights were still on. I hear Rebecca’s boyfriend talking, but only catch the end when he mentions something about doing some tricks, jokes to the foreigners to get them upset. (My mind chooses Asian people for some reason when he says this.) I mention to him that it would depend on what he did. Rebecca then starts pushing, and lifting, the mattress with her foot, and I was telling her to stop. She wouldn’t stop, so I dug my fingernails into her legs. As I was trying to put the mattress down, my legs had come out from under the blanket. They were unshaven. I cared, but not really. Rebecca’s boyfriend started to smirk about it, but I didn’t pay any attention to him. Somehow, Rebecca had gotten the side of the mattress up, without me falling off, so that all I could see were the tops of her shoulders, and on up. I then grabbed, while still on the mattress, her clothes, which were black, from her shoulders, and pulled up so that they came off, and she was naked, and embarrassed. Next (again, I don’t remember the order of these next two scenes), I see one of the teacher’s boys go to a nearby room, trying not to be observed, which when inside this room, was a small cave. There was a fire going, and this boy was moving some good sized rocks toward the fire for the purpose of heating up the building. From being in the cave, he had gotten dirty. He had dirty blonde hair that was a bit curly. He looked somewhat like a surfer. I’ll call him Riley. Next, I see a boy, about ten years old, up front in the classroom with the teacher while the teacher was doing something. This boy was eating a cupcake, and had some weight on him. A little smaller than the boy from Goonies. Rebecca’s boyfriend asked what was going on, and the boy walked back, and with a bit of smart alec in him, said, “Getting ready for the test tomorrow.” Next, A man walks down some steps outside of the administration (?) building. A man across the way is in a phone booth, and says into the phone, “Yeah, I found her.”


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