I was at Deseret Industries in Colton, Ca. Theres was a darkish brown wallpaper with flowers on the walls.  Prizes were being given out (not big sizes). I would stand about in the middle of the store watching, were people could see me, but I wasn’t in the way. Every so often I would leave to go home, but when on the road, I would hurry back. One time on the road, I found a place to turn around, before a couple oncoming cars got there (the front one looked like a white Lexus RX7). After turning, I wasn’t speeding, but I was driving fast. There were some cars stopping in front of me because of coming to a stoplight. I didn’t see the stoplight, but knew it was there. The scene looked as if we were in a small town, with dirt around us on both sides of the road. One of the cars (small red, perhaps a sporty type) up ahead, I assume, was going a little fast because it swerved to right so it wouldn’t hit the car ahead. I had to swerve because of the same, but went to the left. For some reason, I wasn’t putting the brakes on hard enough. When I got back to the store I saw 2 ladders. One went to the ceiling (think of dept. store height), but the other was only about 3/4 tall, and was a bit in the shadow. A slim girl, a worker at the store, quickly climbed the ladder to clean some vents (?). As she did so, she sneezed.  I then saw a young mother holding two young sons, standing in the middle of two adult bikes, facing the seats. Her husband was taking pictures of them with a professional camera, he even had the strap hanging from the camera. As he was taking the pictures, I knew he had taken one, or two of me. It didn’t bother me, and I was kinda proud that he would find me worthy / beautiful to take a picture of. I then went outside, and a girl that I had seen inside came out to talk to me. She asked me if I was LDS, and I affirmed.  She then got nervous, like when a person wants to tell another person how they feel. Because of the way, and how, she was acting, I thought she was going to ask me something about being being gay, as if I wanted to be with her. As I was waiting for her question, I had been chewing a big wad of bubblegum, and had to take it out because it had lifted my crown I have on my left side in the back. That area had become a little bloody, but didn’t affect the reat of the mouth. I had to clean the gum off the crown, and I think I tried to put it back in. She finally asked her question. She did not ask that. She asked me an intellectual question about God (I wish I could remember the wording), and I had to ask her to repeat it. The second time I understood. It had to do with us having the same qualities / capapbilities as God.  I answered that we do have the same, but ours is in infancy, then gave an example of a baby and parent.


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