Clarias batrachus

Clarias batrachus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were a bunch of young children and their mothers at the school, so that’s why there weren’t many people going, where? Next, Don Knotts, Andy Griffith, Graham Greene, and another guy are on the set of the Andy Griffith show joking around. (Graham Greene has his black hair long and braided, such as an Indian would have. ) They talk about fishing for some catfish. Next, they’re at a muddy (swamp?) area without any fishing gear, and wearing cowboy boots, walking around trying to find a good spot. Next, I see Toluca (Black lab retriever that used to be my mom’s guide dog until my mom wasn’t able to take her out on walks) wrapped with a giant black catfish. I grab her up out of the water and am able to pull the catfish off. I then see, to my right, a smaller black lab retriever that another big, but smaller, black catfish had gotten. The dog was already gone by the time I noticed, and the catfish had its mouth around the top jaw up to the crown and snapped the head up and off. I couldn’t bear to look. Next, all I know how to describe of this next part, and it’s only part, I’m going fast (using what?) on a curvy pathway (like at a park), and see some little purple flowers to my left at a turn that turns right. I’m going a bit too fast to make the turn, but I don’t crash. Somehow, I had made it over to the flowers, which are on top of a hill, and am figuring out where to take the best picture. The next part(s) I don’t remember well enough to be able to describe.


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