(These are a little fuzzy, but I’ll do my best.)

Nicolas Cage is sitting at a table with playing cards (double in size) that have a plaid / gingham design on them. They have been custom made from someone’s clothes. There is a sting operation going on involving Nicolas. Why? I think there were gun shots next, but no one was hurt, or killed, that I saw. Next, I see several young women in their early 20’s, laughing, and having fun being together, walking in front of a movie theatre? There is music playing, and a woman is singing. This scene is set in the 50’s. Next, my family is staying at one of my old Bishop’s home. I ask my sister Amy how long we were going to be there. She said we were going to be there a week. I got a bit upset, and said that no one had told me, and that I hadn’t brought anything with me. Next, my family is watching outside, in front, what was happening at the house across the street. It was such that the driveway was to the left of the house, and another house was to the side in the back. An angry man came out, got into his somewhat old beat up truck (faded red paint), and took off to our right. Another man, who was black, came out, got in his car, which was one of those “boat” ones from the 70’s / early 80’s (if they were still made then), with faded paint also, and drove his car into the Bishop’s house. (The door was to the right, and windows to the left.) He then got out of his car, and walked back across the street. (I think he looked back as he was walking, and waved at us. ) Before he hit the house, my younger brother (?), when he was a young teen, was sitting next to the door, and I told him to move his legs so he wouldn’t get hurt. I gently moved his legs as I was saying this. The Bishop was in his room watching this. He came out and said that this man was LDS. Next, I remember that Toluca had been left there with us by my late husband. (I don’t know why he would’ve had her in the first place.) Did my husband just up and leave, or had he died?? I saw the ropes we had used, for his dog, so I grabbed those. They were in a pile of stuff that resembled a fisherman’s pile of stuff (net, etc.). I think I then was trying to find a place to place her. Next, it’s morning, and I take Tolica out of the closet (with decorative scrolled out holes) which also was stuffed with comforters. I then ask when was the last time she had been taken out for a walk.


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