(From May 16, 2013)

I dreamt of two older cars. Cadillacs? from the 60’s? They had those wing tip things in the back. One of them had several small dents in the back.

Next, my parents were in a car, my dad got out to look at the tires as my mom drives into, then out of a parking lot. (My mom is legally blind.)

Next, a guy is in a barber shop. The girl stabs scissors into the top of his head, and he says he likes it, but not sure. Blood comes out, he faints, and is taken to the hospital.

Next, a guy in the 1820’s (?) is getting ready to box / fight a black man, but isn’t sure if it’s the right thing to do.

Next, I look for a bathroom in a multi-level house. I find one on a level not being used.

Next, I’m driven home with other people in a camper (?). I see a gay guy getting a phone call. Someone comments that it must be from another gay guy. These guys don’t want to be known about. (I’m thinking, that they’re in a relationship.)


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