(From June 8, 2013)

Insects, and tarantula inside my bottom garment at the pubic area. They’re not doing anything, they’re just there.

Next, Jane Fonda shows how to make a table with logs, then shows how it looks inside her bedroom (which has dark colors).

Next, Waiting for something/one, skipping in circles and having fun.

Next, famous film director, and actors are guesting on a t.v show talking to each other, but can’t remember what they’re saying. It was a show that would be on a pbs channel, and I was thinking, how humble (?) of them to be on that show/channel.

(From yesterday, but wasn’t sure about posting.)

I was climbing a mountain. It wasn’t an easy climb, but it was’t strenuous. I was near the top, and saw mountain bikers riding along a path, noticing that the ride wasn’t a big deal for them. As I got to the top, I saw that the moutain was actually the Sphinx (but made of dirt seeing as how it was a mountain I was climbing). The top of the head from the middle of the nose on up was missing, and was level. The dream ended with me reaching my hand to the top part where it was level, and saying to myself that I had made it.


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