Back in Time

(From Nov. 27, 2012)

I went back to the 1800’s (I was sensing it was during that time period, and allof this dream is in this time period). I was looking at some jewelry made by Indian (Native American) women, who had either been stolen by the white men for themselves, or were massacred with the rest of the people. As I was being told about the women, I could see the white men on their horses coming over hills to take the women, or coming to give battle.

Next, I was looking through a shopping catalog where I could buy things for around $1. I was thinking it was weird to actually be there and to see these prices at that time, and not just looking at it in the present day.

Next, I saw a guy, and girl (dressed in modern day clothes) outside standing under a canopy (like at a park over the tables and benches) next to a fabric shop with windows, and told them they better stop what they were doing (having sex), because there were people (mostly women) inside who could see. The people inside the store the came out, and sat at a picnic table (that was in the back, to the side?) to eat. It was as if we were ghosts and these people were oblivious to us being there.


Your Thoughts

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