I was in a bathtub, with water, and pushed out (like having a baby) clean menstrual blood. I was wondering if this was going to be my last time.

Next, my grandma (dad’s mom), and her sister came to visit for a couple hours. They were not interactive with us, and all I could see of my great-aunt, was the back of her. (My grandma passed 16 years ago, and I never knew her sister’s. Also, my grandma was always interacting with us when she came to visit, and would visit for at least a day, if not two.)

Next, I was watching girls (teenage and up) audition for a spot in a dance. They were dancing along with the others who were already chosen. There were some upsets, but there was no drama. There was a guy dancing who looked to be about in his 40’s, and he wasn’t as chiseled as other male dancers are.


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