School building

(From June 23, 2013)

I was at a school (college?) on the bottom floor outside looking at the people on the field in front of the building playing sports while waiting. Beyond the field is a fence with trees behind. I hear a lion roar, and a german shepard starts to go behind the fence, looking toward the right, to check it out, and defend, if necessary.

Next, I’m on the second floor outside waiting, lying down with Greg (a brother who passed in 2005) lying / sitting next to me, but in the shape of a “T” with his feet at my chest / stomach area. I lean over to rest my head on his shins, and two people (guy & girl) come up behind him, who know him, and stand behind him without him responding, or looking around. I also see an Asian guy, who has mental deficiencies, with an older white male, father perhaps. He keeps looking, and pointing, and grunting(?), at the area of the balcony above, but toward the edge. He bends over to look at it several times. I don’t know if it was something in the sky that I couldn’t see, or if it was the balcony itself.


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