I was to tag my nature photos that I have on the website Fotki.

Ali (my boyfriend), and I were participating on a hike with other people, and their families. I had gone on ahead. Along the way, there was a hawk sitting on a fence, and people were standing there watching it. As I took my camera out to take a picture, it flew away. Two blue herons then flew over. I then looked to my right, and there was a big white truck (dually? don’t like the look of them) driving on a one-lane road below. The road looked white, so I’m assuming it was snow. It drove between the edge of the road, on the driver’s side, and a yellow pole / post. I don’t know why when there was plenty of room on the other side. I then looked up and saw a plane a bit in the distance that had gotten lost control of. I then mentioned the others to look. The sky was the colors of a sunset. The plane then crashed into a mountain, and then there was a big ball of flames. Next, I had back from the hike and was inside a church with the other people. We were all doing crafty things. I had taken a strip of dark green construction paper, attached chocolate kisses onto it, then loosely rolled it up. The air must’ve been too warm, for the kisses started to melt so I stuck the whole thing in my mouth, and pulled off the kisses. A girl jokingly asked me why I did that. Another girl then came up to us and was showing a white comfoter in a bag with the end open, scrunched together, but not tie. We wondered why someone would do that, to leave it open. The day was nearing an end, getting stormy, but hadn’t started raining yet, and I started to get a bit worried / concerned because Ali had not returned, but i knew he could take care of himself and return safely. The next part is fuzzy. I remember there were only about a handful of people left there at the church, and as I was getting ready to leave, I noticed a guy that I think liked me.


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