I was at Deseret Industries, and saw a lady who I had just been with (where?), and her mom. I playfully said to her, “I know you” even though I had only known her for a short time. (For me, it takes a while before I act this way with others.) I then went upstairs to look around, and coming down the stairs, there was a lady (Asian?) who did not want to come up because thet were steep. (Imagine an escalator with the top pushed forward a bit, and the bottom pushed back a bit. There were walls on either side, also.)

Next, I’m walking across concrete confidently, like a model, until I start seeing sprinkler holes, which I then lose some confidence as I walk.

Next, I’m sitting outside with some boys, including Greg, Wilhelm, and Elder Terry (missionary on my mission). Some Midnight Oil songs are playing, and as one of them comes on, Elder Terry mentions that that would be considered as one of his favorites. (I don’t remember which one it was.) Greg, and Wilhelm then started talking in German, and I asked, “what” in German (Was, but the W is pronounced as a V, kinda like how a wealthy person would say vase, but not drawn out). Greg is then standing, wearing some goth like clothes, and has chipped black nail polish on his right hand. (Which was not him, or at least, he did not do.) I take a look at his hand and ask him why he did this.) Disgusted, I then get up and leave. (I wore black nail polish a couple of times back in the 80’s before it was accepted. I may have subconsciously seen Madonna wearing it in her Like A Virgin video perhaps.)

Next, I then walk down more steps toward a park. I stopped on one of the bottom steps because a dog was coming over to see me. As it got to me, the owner, a lady, clipped on a leash. I said to myself that it was a good thing I stopped so she could catch up to the dog. At the bottom of the steps were two dogs. One was like a lab / retriever, but a bit smaller, and the other was like a pit bull terrier. The bigger dog was lying down, eating from a dish there for him that was on the bottom step. The other one was curled up a bit with ants crawling over it. I wondered, as did others, if it was still alive. I poked it, with my foot(?), and it lethargically moved. There were some tall, thick trees, and I thought of moving it to the shade to cool down to get out of the heat (though I wasn’t feeling any heat, and it seemed the others weren’t feeling it either), but knew the shade wouldn’t stay, and would move, so I left him, but he got up and moved to underneath the steps (they were now like the stadium seats at minor league ball parks, and at schools).


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