Training toilet

(From July 2, 2013 nap)

I was always needing to go to the restroom. (I had had a lot of water.) I had to step up to get in, but as I open the door, the floor is wet in front of the toilet. I wonder why there is water as I’m wiping it up with toilet paper. There is a training toilet between the wall and toilet and I’m about to throw the wet t.p. in there, but decide against it and throw it in the toilet. Next(?) to the toilet is a bathtub, or pool, filled with dirty water. Even though I could reach my hand in to let the water out, I decide against it and look and find a long metal stick (like for grilling kabobs) which had to be a little bit long. Some of the water stayed. To the left of this was an opening for people to go downhill, but only for less than about 10 steps, going to the right. There was a small whisk broom and kitty litter shovel there and I made the comment that the boys must’ve put them there.

Next, a man was saying he could solve a murder by looking at the persons skull. Then it shows two women jogging, and one of them (on the left) was pregnant, and the skull either belonged to that baby, as an adult, or was a relative of hers (pregnant lady), or some kind of connection.


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