A Mexican man told me that Kyle’s (my late husband) contract was complete. (That was his line of work, to tell the living spouse when the deceased spouse’s contract was fulfilled. Is there such a person? A contract for what?) We were outside of his office (the building resembled a teacher’s office at a local college).

Next, he had a lot of overweight women in his family, and they had come over (where?) to fix, and eat dinner. I was in a different building than them, with at least one guy, and another guy (bald) came walking through holding a bunch of balloons on strings asking where Donna was. I responded that she was in the building behind he had to cross a parking lot(?) to get to it).

Next, I remember being a bit concerned / worried that there would be some food left over, but remember how big the women were, and then had no worries about left over food. I was then in the building they were in. They had finished eating and were cleaning up. There were clean rinsed dishes in one of the sinks. There were two women in the kitchen. I wrung something out over the dishes in the sink. One of the women was a little disgusted, but I didn’t care much because I figured whatever I wrung out was pretty much clean, and all they had to do was spray down the dishes a bit.

Next, I was outside, on a parking lot, as it was getting dark. I saw three teenage boys pushing, from the side, a black Mercedes SUV. It moved backward, turning around. As it was doing so, it almost tipped over, and almost hit another vehicle (bus?). As the boys were doing this, I was yelling asking them what, and why, they were doing this. The boys ran off, one of them coming towards me. I caught him, and saw that he belonged to this family. I asked him why he did this. He responded, but I don’t remember what he said. I then responded in a question form, but, again, don’t remember.

Next, I was told that I was complete. (By who?)

(I did my best posting this. I wish I could remember more of the details, and almost didn’t post this, but figured I should so that I would remember the beginning, and the end.)


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