I was outside, on the left side of the house, walking from back to front. As I was walking, I noticed that the neighbor’s house, and everything, was gone. it was just a plot of land. As I kept walking to the front, everything else in the neighborhood, on the left, was gone so that all I saw was sand all the way to the horizon.

Next, George (my cousin-in-law), was teaching. He kept walking all around. I had a loooonnnggg afghan (long enough for 2 – 3 couches; I used to crochet) that he had gotten hold of the other end, and put his face through one of the holes. I was lying, or sitting, down at the bottom in front. At the end of class, he told everyone to write down a couple things that he had said, and turn it in. I had taken notes, and commented to someone that he had said not to screw anyone (have sex). I got up, and was standing behind him, and asked how old his son is. 16. Did he have his permit yet? Yes. (I think he’s actually around 17.) I then went to leave, and as I did, I noticed that there was dirt with spiders, and different other insects where I had been during class. One of them was a sloth spider (looked it up, no such thing, except on Star Wars), and another was a three-legged spider (like the Can-Am Spyder Roadster, but with the one leg in front, and the two legs in back). The sloth spider was in a hole, on top of a blue bendable wrestler(?) toy (which had life to it), and put it’s mouth to the toy’s neck. I was thinking that I wasn’t sure if the venom would affect this toy, since it was just a toy. As I got to the door, I noticed two animals on a shelf(?) sleeping, and wondered if they had been affected by this (what?).  I wish I could remember what they were. Something small like a porcupine, no needles, but not a porcupine.


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