(I only remember snippets.)

I had woken from a nap, and then was at a (dept?) store, but before going in, I told Ali that they were going to trample me (from excitement to see me; I came to show that I was (about 7 months) pregnant).

I was with my family, getting ready for church. My dad then said they weren’t going. I got upset, said I was still going, and continued to get ready. Something either happened, or was said, that calmed me down, and we eventually didn’t make it to church (why?)

I was somewhere where there were family events going on. Darrel Sheets was there with his son (but he was around 10). When Darrell wanted to change his clothes, he would go into a bucket, melt like wax, then come back out. The last time he did it, his right eye was a bit droopy. Megan Snider (I knew from church) was there, and one of her sisters commented that she makes so much money within a week.

I was in (I think) the Middle East with my mom. We were watching tv outside with other people, and the women on the tv started wearing skimpy clothes. My mom then wanted to leave. Before we left, I saw a fat lady, where we were, wearing that yellow, outstretched rubber band looking thing that Sacha Baron Cohen wore in Borat, but hers was flesh colored.


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