(From July 31, 2013)

I’m at a ranch(?) with a big pond, some animals (didn’t see them, but saw where they stay at night). There are a lot of people there, as if a camp. I see a guy in the pond without clothes, but don’t see anything. He was nude in the pond because it was an action step toward a goal (sort of like an initiation) he was going for. Around the pond, there was a group of women , of a spiritual type, that were chanting(?), singing, and would jog around the pond, stopping for a bit after making a round. I was wondering whether to join them, or go to a class up at the building. As I was wondering, I saw my mom join them. She was thin, and flexible. I figured that if she were there, I could join them also. I went over and asked what she was doing here, but I don’t remember her answer. I then see a little girl talking to the naked guy, who is out of the water and dressed now, wanting to take him to show him her ranch (this is when I see the fencing/pens for the different animals).


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