Tidal wave

(From March 27, 2013)

My skin stretched thin and opened up at the widow’s peak area, and I knew I had to be careful to keep that area clean, otherwise, I didn’t think much of it.

(From May 1, 2013

I see a tidal wave approaching, but I’m not frightened of it. I think I was inside a house, or like a beach cottage, and was working on a model ship (I’ve never done). The wave got closer, and enveloped where I was, though it didn’t get me, and ruined the ship. I got upset about the ship and kept crying out loud that it had gotten ruined. (The next two parts I don’t remember which order they came in.)

I was standing on a bridge(?), and saw a family, who had passed away because of the wave, in an inflatable raft / tube floating above the wave at the same level as me. I was thinking to myself wondering what it would be like to be in their place, to be dead. Along with this family, I saw couples, naked, holding each other, floating as well, and thinking that I liked the look of skin.

The wave enveloped me. I was looking straight, and it almost looked like the water had made a wall. I got a bit scared because I couldn’t see the way up (which did happen to me when I was a teen). Next thing I knew, I was out of the water.


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