I looked at a house key to open a door, and then I was back in my teenage home for about 5 minutes, then realized that I don’t live there anymore. I picked up a handful / armful of socks, and some paperwork. As I was leaving, a man was outside, on a phone, and asking me questions, such as my name, which I told him, and calling me in.

Next (after I had woken up and then back to sleep), I was back in the same home, lying in a queen / king size bed, after a family had moved out, but had left the bedroom furniture. I had the quilt, up by my head, reaching over to the dresser that was to the right of me. A short lady (that I knew from church in Moreno Valley; a note for me, her husband studied the Jewish religion) was standing under the blanket up by my head, and was surprised to see that I was back home. I then saw two other women standing on my left. One of then I knew from church in San Bernardino. I asked about who used this bedroom, and was told that it was two little girls between the ages of 6 and 10. The women I knew then starting talking casually to the woman next to her.

Next, I had bone(?) in a straight round shape, like a bicycle handlebar, staring to slowly grow from my left ribs, on the side, in the middle.  (I felt that if I were to sit, I would have my own armrest.) After it had gotten roughly about six inches(?), I mentioned it to my mom, and she said that we would go to have it checked out. She was doing something else, and was in no hurry, but then I wasn’t either. Ah, perhaps a better way to describe would be to picture a person with a jet pack on their back, and they have handles to hold onto that are at their sides.

Next, I was in a bathroom. I had turned on the water for a bath, for why? It looked fine, then there was a waterfall of water coming out from the left of the fixtures (It was supposed to be there), but then there was a pipeline going from the tub to the wall, on the left, with the sink in the middle, with like a spray of water coming out (like some restaurants do during the summer). The floor had, obviously, gotten wet, and I had gotten all wet, as if I had taken a shower. Underneath the waterfall, there was a towel. My mom didn’t think it would get wet there. I touched it, and it had gotten wet. I had with me a hotel size bottle of ? I had put that up above the tub by the window with the shampoo, and conditioner. I had the feeling that there were other girls(?) who also used the bathroom.

Next, I turned on the t.v. to watch a little of One Life To Live, and saw Viki with her husband walking into a private room. Viki had gained a lot of weight, and it mostly went to her back and legs. Because of this, she was having a bit of trouble walking. They got into the room, they were looking at cards (baseball / playing card size) which had certain scriptures from the Doctrine & Covenants, and a couple pictures of missionaries. I was thinking how it was interesting that that would be shown on t.v.

Sometime during all this, I looked down and saw that my left nipple was pierced, and didn’t think anything of it. This is something I would not do.

(This is the best I know how to describe. Hopefully you’ll be able to get a picture of what I’m explaining.)


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