I mostly only remember details from last night. At one point I had dark reddish skin, from the sun, with a bit of a sunburn on top of that, but it didn’t hurt.

There was a black grandma with several of her grown children. She was being pushed, they were dressed up, but I don’t know what event they were going to. A man had left some candy for her. One “set” of the candies, there were supposed to be 5 pieces, but there were only three. She kept making a fuss that two of the pieces were missing. Someone had made a comment, out of earshot, that she was acting like a b—. Before she had come into the picture, I had taken one of those pieces of candy because it was coming apart. It was an egg like a Cadbury egg, but longer. I don’t know what I was going to do with it. Because of fussing, I gave it back, without anyone noticing. I don’t know about the other missing piece.

I was with an older, somewhat distinguished, man. We were dressed up, not fancy, but more like for church. We were at a lady’s house(?) with other people. As this lady passed us, she gave him a “knowing” look, but there was nothing between us, we were just together.


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