(For my sake anyway, I wish I could remember it better. These are in random order.)

I asked some teenage boys to turn down their music.

Blooming tree (of apples?) in someone’s front yard. (There’s something else peculiar about this. Like it was in a different era, or something.)

Greatest Show on Earth movie, and seeing a fire through a tunnel a ways off. (Was there a fire in that movie? I don’t remember.)

Sampling food (man holding to give out) before going inside (seasonal?) store having a clearance, and possibly closing (shutting down).

Holding onto corner of building, and holding onto something, as waves came up, and over me.

Seeing a wife take her husband, who had been passing out candy canes looking a bit like Santa with a long white beard, home in a horse – drawn carriage.

Restroom big enough to be a room. Toilet in left corner, with a different shape, and positioned kinda high so as to be able to see over wall. See some women over wall, and have a short conversation with them (couple sentences). Guys come running through, dressed the same. There are two sets of doors on the wall in front. The set of doors on the right, seems they are coming from another church? No, I don’t think. It was kinda maroon colored, and seems there were benches in stadium seating fashion, one above another. There was a man, kinda fuzzy, inside. (For some reason, I’m not able to pee.)

Girl kisses me to see what it’s like.

Me, and two other girls (one the driver), get in a car that is parked, at an angle facing from where ever we were coming from,  in a neighbor’s driveway. The neighbor has pulled up, parallel to us, and doing something before getting out of his car, not paying attention to us.

Becky White, someone I know, fits in somehow.

Walking on dirt with other people, and start doing some sort of a twirl(?) so as not to touch the ground, that I used to do when I was little (as least in the dream).


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