A monster, big like Sulley, came over to the house for our usual game of him trying  to scare us. He was carrying something with him, but not sure what.  Ali had the door open, but before he had opened the screen to let him in, I said, “Not tonight. I’m feeling tired.”

(Ali’s dream)

We were driving (in a new SUV) on a street when I suddenly chose / decided to turn right, and go down steps that were cut in half, on a steep slope, toward an ocean. Ali told me it’s not a road, but I responded that I had to get down there. (The people up top did not go down, and the people down below did not come up. There were small shops up top.) It was a bumpy ride for Ali, but was nothing for me. Ali kept saying “staying alive”  because he was scared of the drive. It was endless. When we reached the bottom, I kept driving on the sand / beach. I was looking for an ancient town. The beach was deserted with only a few people. I was determined to find the town, which was close to the beach. I was not asking for directions.


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