(I was woken up, so I’m remembering the best I can.)

I went to visit a friend (kinda looked like Pat Morita in a way), and he was teaching a class of (all?) women. He had a guest there, which my friend called a Maharishi. The guest was lying down on a mat, and then started to levitate up to the ceiling. (He was there to teach how.) The class was in awe, and I mentioned to someone (I was on the other side of the Maharishi, away from the class) that I had had a dream that I could do that.

Bishop Fred Powers was in Shanghai(?), working as a D.J. on a talk radio program. He had a 1920’s (I sensed it was from this era) microphone, the kind that looks like today’s, but had a base to it. He had this job so that he could get back home. (His real job is a dentist.) He was in a room with dark maroon like colors. It was evening, and there were window(s) behind him. Somehow I was there in the same rooms. I also had a microphone to talk with him. I started talking to him, and soon realized he was doing his show.

I had a small (fits in elevator) car I was taking up to show a friend (Same as in beginning paragraph?) in a high rise building. The elevator was a 1920’s (again, I sensed it was this era) elevator, where you had to pull a rope to go up. When I got to where I was going, I was looking for a place to park it, but after looking around, was noticing chairs all around, and realized this was a movie theatre. (The seats weren’t in stadium style, but were in a semi-circle like in a concert hall. There were two rows of seats, a space behind, then two(?) more rows with windows behind.) After I realized this, I saw a couple of women, or was it a woman with a child?, in the back to the left. I think they were working there. I then saw my friend’s belongings next to the door, as if he was living there. I also had a sense that I was back in the 1920’s.

Something about being away from home with a group of girls, and we were going back home the next morning. We were getting our stuff ready to go. I had either already gotten mine together, or was going to do it later. I was curling the hair of one of the girls who had blonde hair. I commented that I used to curl mine. I had her hair with one curl on the left, and one on the right, and was going to put them together, which I was trying to figure out how. (Seems like Emily from Pretty Wicked Moms was one of the girls, and perhaps her friend Nicole was the one I was curling. That’s the impression I’m getting.)

Seems like I was walking down a hall, or choosing which one to walk.


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