I came across a dream earlier this year (March) about a white bracelet with lime green, and pink mums on it.

And there was another one with numbers. Was it a zip code? The numbers were 60928.

Last night…

Big pool, pond shape and size, and one end went around / outlined (big enough for one person, like for laps) an island. There was a couple who had walked 2 miles, which took an hour, to get there. (They were in shape, just took their time.) There were several others there who were in the pool. A lady.

Something about someone in a helicopter filming.

Watching a t.v. show.

My aunt Barbie asked my grandma (101 yrs old, but in dream she was young and vibrant) if she had been on / checked Facebook that day. Barbie hadn’t been on for several months. Grandma said no, she hadn’t been on.

My sister Judy throwing away curlers (the ones with different sizes and you put the smaller one inside the bigger), and I’m wondering why, but don’t ask, just observe.

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