I lit a car behind the back right wheel, which caused it to blow up. Jamie Lee Curtis was there, but disappeared after the car blew.

I was in bed, and started to put my bottom garment on, but was too tired, and fell asleep in the process.

Something about Doctrine and Covenants section 183, but it only goes up to 138.

Somewhere inside church I nudge Wilhelm on the left shoulder, with my shoulder, and comment about he’s 40 years old. He responds that so am I. (Actually, we’re 41, at least I’m assuming he is also.) Something about him not having children yet, and that he is still open to the idea.

(These next scenes all are in an LDS chapel before a local  fireside.)

My cousin Jeri, and another big woman, are sitting on the right side of the back bench, before the last bench, in the middle row. They are both wearing jeans. They are both leaning to the left, trying to sit cross-legged, and get comfortable.

A choir finishes practicing, and a lady who is visiting a friend also in the choir, is told she can leave for a bit before the fireside begins. She is grateful, and gives the person a hug. (As I see this, I wonder about why the person being hugged would get a hug just for telling this lady she can leave.) The visiting lady leaves something on a bench. A tube of red lipstick? A white bowl?

The benches are empty, waiting for people to show up. There is something on them for the people, while the back middle bench has a CD on the right side.


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