(From Sept. 12, 2013) My ears became unclogged. (From March 26, 2013) I was riding a bike through an empty town, and as I went to turn around, I saw a truck on fire. The fire was contained, and the truck was facing away from me. There was a (police?) woman there cleaning up a chihuahua that had been in the truck. A policeman was there talking to a young man about what happened. (I didn’t hear the conversation.) I then continued on my way, and after a bit I saw the young guy who was being questioned, and asked … Continue reading Fire


I mostly only remember details from last night. At one point I had dark reddish skin, from the sun, with a bit of a sunburn on top of that, but it didn’t hurt. There was a black grandma with several of her grown children. She was being pushed, they were dressed up, but I don’t know what event they were going to. A man had left some candy for her. One “set” of the candies, there were supposed to be 5 pieces, but there were only three. She kept making a fuss that two of the pieces were missing. Someone … Continue reading Skin


(From Feb. 11, 2013) I was in a garage, and there’s a spirit trying to get my attention. I have my eyes covered, and keep saying “NO!” adamantly. As I’m saying this, this spirit “body slams” the concrete leaving a body image / outline made out of water droplets, and the more adamant I am, the body image / outline gets bigger. Continue reading Attention


I was talking with Raymond Burr (it was him, but it wasn’t) when he was younger, about the age when he started Perry Mason. I asked at what age he had passed away, and he said 27 years old. That is the age I married my late husband. (From Dec. 6, 2011) My mom started drinking. (From Dec. 18, 2011) I was at a fancy party (like a modern version of Sound of Music) at my home (again think of S. of M.). I was outside sitting on some steps. A woman comes to sit by me. She happens to … Continue reading Queen


(From April 26, 2013) I was feeding kittens some food that I had gotten out of the fridge, and then put a dead mouse on top. One of the kittens put the mouse’s head in its mouth, and blood spurted out. The kitten did not eat the mouse, that I saw of. (From April 25, 2013) I heard a voice tell me (from where?) that it was against the law to drive while being pregnant. I saw a cop in a convertible police car with the top down, writing a ticket for a woman he had pulled over who happened to be … Continue reading Blood

White stone with pink swirl

(From April 29, 2013) There were dead strangers where I could not see their faces, just their backs. They were men, around water. (From April 28, 2013) I was at  a park, with family, and I was holding a dead AA battery, looking for a good place to throw it. I finally saw an open spot, between two big trees, and threw it. Next, I see a hole in the ground with a white stone that had a pink swirl around it. Alongside it was a black ring that I have the impression was onyx. There were a couple other … Continue reading White stone with pink swirl


(From April 29, 2013) Couple of dreams where Kyle comes back to life, but is with another woman. I’m fine with it though, since he was dead, and then came back to life, and that I now have a boyfriend. This one is Ali’s dream: I was a tour guide at a museum, and was taking lots of educated, dressed up people of different ages, and different races, but mostly white. It was an educated, classy environment, and they were having a good time. It was in the evening time, around 6 (?). I was thin, wearing blue, had shiny … Continue reading Guide


I looked at a house key to open a door, and then I was back in my teenage home for about 5 minutes, then realized that I don’t live there anymore. I picked up a handful / armful of socks, and some paperwork. As I was leaving, a man was outside, on a phone, and asking me questions, such as my name, which I told him, and calling me in. Next (after I had woken up and then back to sleep), I was back in the same home, lying in a queen / king size bed, after a family had … Continue reading Waterfall


(From May 4, 2013) There was a change at UQ Sunnymead (like a daycare for mentally, and physically disabled adults in Moreno Valley, Ca) in how long we were with the consumers (the adults, because they “consumed” our services). I was visiting. I asked who suggested this, and someone told me one of the consumers named Zeus suggested it. Continue reading Zeus