My cousin Jeanie was saddened by my uncle being gone (He’s been gone for several years). The family went around her to comfort her.

Everything started to get dark because a spirit was wanting to show themself to me. I was adamantly saying no. I kept saying no, and was almost shouting, if I wasn’t already, as the environment kept getting darker. Just as the spirit was about to show, they left.

There was a beautiful, colorful mansion for sale. Someone said that it was meant for to be a monastery. I thought to myself that if I bought it, I could probably change that. I was watching a tour of the home, and in one room, there were a couple of beds that looked like hospital beds, but there was a bar in the middle, with no bars on the sides, and the knee area bent up a bit. I didn’t understand why there was a bar in the middle, and didn’t see too much room if it was meant for two people. There was a huge pool with colorful tiles. The part sectioned off where the jacuzzi would’ve been was about three sizes bigger, and went along the pool, like a crescent moon, instead of a circle in one area. There was an open house, and people were allowed to come have a picnic on the lawns, and use the pool. Two guys that were there were talking about what they could do if they were to buy it. I was a bit jealous that they would be able to buy it, and not I. My family came over, and somehow were able to walk along the wall between the pool, and the “crescent moon” pool. Erin, a second cousin of mine, touched the wall, and it started to lean and fall, but we were able to put it back up. I wondered why the sellers would allow the wall to be weak like that, when before touching it, it looked strong, and stable as it should. I saw a lady, who I went up to, and apparently knew, and think it might supposed to have been my mom. Her hair was shaven in the front like a monk. My family then gathered on the lawn for a picnic. I was looking at a brochure with my brother Mark, and the edges were made of  furry brown cloth / fabric. We were looking at a page with pictures of the house, I flipped the page, and wanted to go back to the pictures, but wasn’t able to because of how it was made with the furry material. My dad then started to say something that had happened to the youngest child, number 8 (there are only 7 of us, but my parents feel there were supposed to be 8) when we were in Las Vegas. Mark then said that that youngest child was his oldest daughter (sometimes the family feels this is so), and that her name is Akayla (her name is Lorelei).


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