I was sitting on a couch in a lobby of a school(?) with another guy. It had a bit of a futuristic vibe to it. We were there for to be a guide for the people there. There was a t.v. on the right side, and I was laughing at a movie that was on. There were people walking in, and out. At one point, there were several insects. A couple of them looked a shiny metallic caterpillar. A couple others were black and thin and long. After several minutes. they started to fly away. There was a deaf girl there who was upset. I don’t know what about. The person conversing with her was trying to give her answers, and settle her down. I saw a guy, who used to work at Deseret Industries, suspiciously walk away from a corner. (Kyle had told me he was gay, but that he was too scared to be with anyone.) It was the end of the “shift” of the guy I was with, so he took off. Another guy pushed the handicap button to open the front doors, and hurried to get through before they closed. Why they would be open a short while, I don’t know. There was an area to put recyclables, and I saw a couple pizza boxes, and some (plastic) bags. One of the bags was reusable, but was put in the recyclables anyway. I saw a girl (I was looking down toward her as if I was on a second story) wearing a mini skirt with shiny thighs. I thought the shine was coming from some nylons / hose that came up to mid thigh she was wearing, but as I looked closer, the shine came from her skin. There was a blonde guy driving at night, and there was a blonde girl from the school behind him, and he was trying to sit up as to be able to see her.


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