It’s ok

Went to a neighborhood pool (The neighborhood looked like the long, narrow lawn area in front of the obelisk by the Washington capitol monument. The pool would’ve been one of the lawn sections.) with a family. (I think I was the girlfriend of a guy with children.) The pool was clear on top, but a bit murky near the bottom, but it was ok to get in and swim. I swam down to the bottom, and saw the murkiness down there, which scared me a bit, and quickly swam back up. I told the father that everything was ok. I then put my legs up over the edge, and then brought my body down under the water to the edge of the pool. I sometimes will do this as a fun way to get the hair out of my face. My hair was in a ponytail, but I decided to do it anyway. This scene had a feeling of either taking place in France, or it just had that sense of being in France (I’ve never been, but am going off of pictures, and t.v. / movies.)

Something about starting a metaphysical “pool” on Flickr so as the people would be in the pool when they dream.

Yesterday’s dream(s) I was in  my Aunt Barbie’s bed to rest. Not sleep, just to rest a bit. It was a queen size, with flowers(?) on a white background comforter. I laid there only a few minutes, then got out, and fixed the comforter. I then went into the kitchen and saw a beautiful layered chocolate cake with muted frosting of rainbow colors. I asked if I could have a piece, and was told yes. I then saw a sink full of dishes to be washed, and even though it wasn’t my house, I felt as if I had to do the dishes before eating. I was longing for the piece of cake as I looked at the sink.


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