I was walking home in the dark (I had waited too long to get started) on a busy street. I had with me a pole with a chunk of concrete at the end (as if I had pulled the pole out). I was walking in front of K-Mart. I then saw a tall, skinny, crazy guy walking in the street (no one seemed to be bothered by him), upset at some thing / one. As I was walking, there was another woman who was coming from the street, and got ahead of me. She seemed to be several years older than me. I told her to hurry because of this man. She started in a slow jog. The man then came over to us, and started bossing this other woman, pushing her, calling her “Leslie”. He was holding a skinny lit cigarette. I was hitting him the concrete on the pole, but instead of hurting him, the concrete fell off / away in chunks / pieces. I still held on to the pole, and got my phone out to contact my mom, and tell her to pick me up immediately. I started to text her, but also as I was doing so, I was frantically telling her, as if she were on speakerphone. We got to the entrance of the parking lot. There was a median, and three trees(? they were dark, so couldn’t tell) lining on either side. He told Leslie to go to the trees on the left, and undress. (Whatever those three things were lining the entrance, they were able to hide her.) As she was undressing, he sat on the curb, talking to her, and smoking his cigarette. I wasn’t sure if I should leave, or stay, and try to push him away from her / us, thinking he wouldn’t dare hurt us with traffic on the street. Throughout the dream, he never acknowledged me.

Briana Buck, a friend of mine from church, Elizabeth Otero (used to be a boss), and another big woman (I knew who she was in the dream, but not when I woke up) were in a boxy looking type of car. Seeing them, I “realized”  that they were all former co-workers / work colleagues. Elizabeth, and Briana were on the passenger side of the car with Elizabeth in front, and Briana behind her. They were parked next to something hiding Briana such that I had to lean over to see her. She was shadowed in the car, so that I could see her figure, and know it was her. All three of these women were on their phones texting, and not talking to each other, but would show each other the conversation they were having. Elizabeth, and the driver, the other woman, seemed to be having fun.

Something about looking up films that Wilhelm had been in.

Something about jewelry my mom had had from when she and my dad were first married, and one of them would light up.


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