I was hosting a party with / for wealthy people, except I was just the host. They brought the food, and set the tables, which wasn’t that hard to do. One of the men came in a red Ferrari.  Sometime during this, I went out back to the covered porch (the backyard looked like my teenage home, but the porch looked like one here where I’m living), walking the best I could because it was so windy I could hardly move, and saw water streaming out through the spigot, and was in a stream going across the porch, and going uphill (there was a hill on the side of the house so that I couldn’t see the top, because of the cover over the porch, and I couldn’t see the neighbor). I wanted to make sure I was seeing it correctly, got a bit closer, and saw that yes, it was going uphill. I wanted to follow it, but couldn’t because of the wind stopping me.

I would go to the neighbor’s house, and sit on their porch where steps lead down. I wouldn’t, and couldn’t go down the steps because there was so much stuff, like a hoarder. I was only to be there for about ten seconds, though, and then leave. Why so short a time? No idea. While there, someone who was with me tipped over a t.v. with stuff piled on top, but didn’t move when tipped. I told them to put it back so that the neighbors wouldn’t know we were there.

I was somewhere (senior center?) where the people were sitting in a line, looking at each other, with the women on one side, and the men on the other. Not because they had to, but for an activity. A man in a scooter came down the center between them (like when the camera takes the place of the person), and the women were having fun with the way he was dressed. When he got to his spot, I could see that he was wearing a top hat that was either purple with a green bow, or green with a purple bow. I told him he reminded me of Jack Nicholson, or Elton John.

Again, I was somewhere with, I think, Kennedi, my cousin’s youngest daughter (2nd grade?). She brought over a friend with her to me to talk with. This friend had snot coming out, and I went to clean it. As I was doing so, a string got on me, but was able to get it off.


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