4, or 5

I did about 4, or 5 separate posts of putting up my pictures on my blog in rapid succession.

I was back on a mission. I had been out for ten months, and had 7 months left to go. Somehow, I also was thinking that I was halfway with being out 7 months, and 7 months left totaling 14 months. (For the females, it’s actually 18 months.)

Vacation room that was all (almost lime) green, with tropical leaves on the walls.

Mansion(?) turned speakeasy(?) for blacks. (I was only an observer during this.) The room was bright white, and large. I saw some dancers. They had their feathers, but were not scantily dressed. There were a couple tables, with people playing strip card games. At one of them the people were cartoon women of different sizes, and shapes. They were down to their underwear. I noticed an overweight woman on the left side, and an older (grandma) woman to her right, in front of me. She was thin, had a small waist, and had sagging skin. I thought to myself that she must’ve been a beautiful woman when she was younger (not that she still wasn’t). At the other table were real people. As I was walking up to it, I saw a man, on the other side of it, with a bare chest. I wondered if he was fully naked / nude. As I got closer, I noticed he had on blue boxers. He was turning around to have a look at the dancers. Everyone was having a good, fun time.

Me, and other people were walking around a circular track. There were 4, or 5, steps to get up to it. I was wearing a white wedding dress. I was down below looking at myself, and wondering why I didn’t put the dress on after walking. I was then in a dressing room (not wearing the dress, but regular dress), debating on whether to marry Ali at this time. I was wondering how he got me to say yes, and why did I say yes. I was looking at my feet, halfway off a step, looking at the toes next to my big toes, Seeing how the last joint was curled under a little.

I saw a (abandoned?) shopping cart in a department store. There were only 4, or 5 children shoes, and some silverware. I took the cart over next to the entrance doors, and took the silverware, leaving the shoes since I didn’t need them.


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