I was with a guy, who seemed to like me, and I think a couple of my family, including my dad. We were somewhere where there was a dolphin in a pool, with walls surrounding, but not confined (there were openings for people to come up and see), but happy to be there (or happy to see me?). I realized that I had left my swimsuit (haven’t had one for years), and that I was naked. Though I was aware that I was naked, it didn’t bother me too much to stop me. I was at the edge of the pool, and the dolphin was swimming around, and then decided to come over by me. At first I was anxious (the closest I’ve been to a dolphin was going over to Catalina Island on a boat, and they swam next to us), but then as it came up next to me, I touched it’s nose, and felt that it was a little slimy. (As I was doing this, I had the realization that the guy that was there was paying attention to my actions, to see if I was “worthy”, or compatible, of him.) I then started touching more it’s skin, and even let it rest on my left arm. It then started to deflate, got scared, and let it go. It sank down to the bottom as it deflated. When it got to the bottom, it “inflated” again (for a second I saw one of those blue crinkled hoses that was stuck in it’s mouth), came back up, and was happy again. I asked if the lights had gone out for a second.


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