A tall, black man brings a baby, buckled in a stroller, with only a head, that could fit in a hand. The eyes were shut, and the mouth was still a bit sealed, as if it was still developing.

Two couples were lounging on some grass, behind some rocks, on a beach(?). One of the guys was twirling a lit cigarette between his toes of one of his feet, while he was smoking another one.

Ray(?) was sitting at a table drawing up plans for the truss of the addition to the house, using one of those triangular rulers.

A couple is walking alongside a street. A truck (old, rusty looking, from the 80’s) passes with an overweight couple inside, the woman driving. She looks back at the couple they just passed. The man walking says he knows her, she’s crazy, and that she stalked him. The couple in the truck crossed a busy street, when there was an open space, over to a gas station. The truck had both windows down, and the a/c on. The woman was saying something to the man, and not to be so bossy.

An insect (grasshopper? praying mantis?) was eating a black head of another insect. Somehow I had gotten an insect in my mouth, and started spitting it out.

(These next episode happened at, or around a college, where the edges of the building were shaped as steps.)

Ali was teaching Orientation in an oblong classroom (the wall by the door on the right side was indented a bit, like a tetris piece), with the students against the wall. (I was looking down on them, but also seemed like I was part of them.) Ali’s desk was at the end to the right. After he finished, the students were to say who they were.  The students closest to the desk did this, I turned around to see the others, and they were gone. I turned back to the front, and the students on the right side of the desk had turned their desks facing the wall, and were working on something.

I was outside, naked but was holding a towel to me, looking for Ali (I’m looking for him from here on). It was very windy, and I could barely move.

There was a Russian family consisting of father, mother, daughter. The mother was putting groceries in the trunk of the car, the daughter was standing there, and the father had wandered off to where I was standing (I was clothed from here on), to sit at a corner of the building, to drink. The parents were singing back and forth, the mother singing about his drinking. They were all dressed in Russian dress.

It was getting, and then had gotten, dark. The father then got up, and started walking around, harmless.

Part of the parking lot had flooded, and the cars were connected by a string / rope, being pulled out, bumping each other.

I was in a school bus with other people, being driven, where? We were going over dirt, and it was such that the bus was tilted to the left because the right side was higher. The bus finally righted itself when we got to our destination.

There was a truck (like a farm truck with the “fenced” sides) with a sailboat on it’s bed, driving back and forth in front of, under, a bridge on a small section of a two-lane road.  The road was between two hills connected by this bridge. The sailboat was tilted to the right, but not all the way. It was spurting out pink water so that cars had to drive through.

About a football field length away from the road, on the right, were some buildings. The second building were student apartments. The building was made out of a rocky hill, so that the wall between the balconies, were rocks.

I saw “our” two grey car seats for our children (we don’t have), on the ground. My cousin, Erin, said she saw either Ali putting them in the car, or just that she had seen them in the car, earlier that morning.


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