The neighbor on our left was not our neighbor, but instead, a kind, fun grandfather who’s young grandchildren would come visit frequently. He eventually moved, and a white, working, respectable guy (or was it two guys, roommates?) my age moved in. A holiday came around, he was out at the pool with music playing (not blaring), and the music was the kind I liked.

My dad was younger, but had the attitude he has now (he was more rigid when I was growing up). He had put on a white, round, Christmasy themed tablecloth around his waist instead of a towel. (Of course, he never did anything like this.) He was sitting, talking to someone, then at one point he stood up, and stretched his arms. My sister Amy told him to be careful when doing that, in case the tablecloth should fall.

A tabby cat, roughly about 10 lbs overweight, is outside in the back, and decides to come inside. It has never done this before, and I don’t know who it belongs to.

Something about a woman in (As)Syria on the phone, wanting to move back to the states.


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