There was a pool, and about halfway, there was an opening to underneath. It was as if the right side of the pool was higher, and the opening was a drop down to the left side. It sensed it to be only a couple feet deep. I saw in the opening, a pile of long chopped tree branches, I pushed (with a stick?) them so that they would go further down the hole. (I was not in the pool.) As I did so, it uncovered some dead adult opossums.  I also saw some small ones that must’ve recently died since they were still flexible. There were also some small ones that were just about to die. I was wondering how the death of these animals was not affecting the water.

There was a group of people. The women were wearing dresses. There must’ve been men. A lady had a baby girl there (between 1 & 2 years old), and while the baby was playing, the mother took her diaper bag, which was stuffed, and left, but didn’t totally leave. She later came back for the baby.

Some of these people, about five of them (I think some were part of my family), were standing on a white, wide, tree branch(?). After about a minute, or less, it started to break, and the people started to jump off, with the ground several feet down. (I was hoping none would break any bones.)


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