Across from the bed, there was an opening in the wall to be able to see, and walk to, the back door. The night before, my late husband had left the back door open, for a purpose, there was a particular reason (don’t know what). This night, I noticed the door still open, and thought to myself that he had forgot to close it before he left (died?). The outside light next to the door was on so that I could see the grass, and a tree, or two. I went to close the door so that nothing evil could come in. As I went to close the door, I saw that it was a black iron gate that was as long about two doors side by side. The gate was open all the way to the left, and from inside, I pulled it toward the house. As I did so, I saw an opening in the fence between our backyard, and the neighbors on the left. Two older men were standing, and talking, by the opening, when I came to close the gate, they lowered their voice, but not a total whisper so that I could still hear them.

(Ali’s dream)

Several police were shining their flashlights in to the house looking for both of us. One of them said that Ali was with that white girl. I was telling Ali to keep silent.


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