(Sorry if you get lost, but this is the best I know how to describe these. These are actually from yesterday.)

I was working at a hospital (as?), and there was a contest going on amongst the workers (women). Because the others already had their schedules (had some connection with the contest), some of the people told me to go get my schedule, which, for some reason, I had put in storage. I needed permission from the people at the desk to leave before I could go. It was (near) the end of the shift / day, they were organizing the desk, and conversing with each other, so I had to wait a couple minutes before I could ask them.

I was outside across the street from Ed Begley Jr.‘s house. He was also there, about to cross over to his house. it was a small house, light greenish in color. I’m in the house. His wife is cleaning up a bit in the kitchen, she has long brown hair. He has three young children, two boys, one girl. The boys are in the kitchen, and whatever they do, Ed gets after them. I think to myself that he was fanatic about his green living lifestyle. One of his sons sits on a chair in the family room, with a piece of chocolate cake, and something “hovering” on top to “hide” it. The sister is in front of him, and stealing pieces of his cake. (It seems she may even have licked it.) The boy cries out to his mom about what the sister is doing.


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