I was on a bike ride on a mountain path. Other people bike riding were there also. We came to a point in the path were it was blocked off with bicycles blocking our way, and then there were professional (as in Lance Armstrong) bikes lining the rest of the path up to where it curved, thinking it continued on, but don’t know how far. I had the feeling there was going to be work done on the path, so bikes were used to block off the area. As we were coming back down (the road wasn’t vertical, as it was more horizontal), I saw others going up, one on a mo-ped(?), wanting to tell them about the road being blocked off, but figured they would eventually find out on their own anyway.

I was on vacation, by myself as far as I know, at a retreat (No, but can’t think of the word. Not a lodge, or campground.) There was a huge pond, and I wanted to stay in it for as long as I could. I would sometimes get out, but go right back in (didn’t see me do this, but had a feeling of it). I was having fun, and conversing a bit with others there.

Ali’s dream, in first person….

I was following a group of people on a dirt road. They came to a feast, realized I was behind them, turned around and said I was not allowed to be there, and eat. I was seen as a threat. I felt threatened by them, to be killed, and felt heavy, but still wanted to eat. The wind was blowing hard. I took a dark path too my left, and found the kitchen. The cooks were calling out my name, and telling me to come in and eat. I did so. They gave me the best portions. I then disappeared, and the cooks told the people that I had just been there, where as the people then asked where I was.


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