(From yesterday, but was gone all day)

I was outside on the left side of the house. The neighbor’s garage was open, and empty, and they were sweeping (leaves?). The man was talking rude to his wife (Ali says he does this all the time, but I have never heard). I went over to the garage, went inside, and, not remembering the exact words said, I told him that he better not disrespect his wife again.

My brother Greg was married to a Korean, had a young son, and basically only talked Korean to him. They came over to visit, and my brother, and his wife let their son do whatever, though he wasn’t destructive. I told them about Carol Tuttle‘s book The Child Whisperer.

I was at a (holiday?) evening program that was at the church in the chapel. I was wearing slacks (I don’t wear pants in the chapel.) There was a girl with me who had a lizard. She traded her lizard with someone else who had brought their’s.

There was a group of black parents coming over. To be taught about parenting? To teach about parenting?


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