I was somehow slow dancing with a guy with my left leg (calf) lifted back. Later, I was lying down, I stretched my leg out to far and it cramped, and either bone, or marrow was sticking out (still covered with skin) in the front middle part of my ankle.

It seems like I was with a bunch of people outside, Wilhelm was there, and we were waiting for something. There was a group of students in formation.

I was at a lady’s house that I had just moved into. She had a baby she needed to breast feed. After she did so, the baby turned into silly putty looking stuff (with the colors of the baby, and clothes), but was still a baby.This lady had a young daughter that was trying to see if this putty baby wanted some regular food to eat, but apparently didn’t want any since it didn’t move to eat any. During this time, I was thinking that time was getting close for me to get going to church, but had to wait for them to take me (I even still needed to get ready.)


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