Dad was driving a rust colored (Scooby – Doo) van down a steep, curvy street, picking up speed. He kept going until finally he came to a cross street, crossed, and hit a pole, or tree. The police came to check it out, and my dad started to slyly drive away, but didn’t get far. He was taken to the hospital, and in the check – up room, me, my oldest brother Mark, and my mom were there with him. The doctor was looking at a book, and reading what sexual things my dad likes, which he did not, and told the doctor he did not, and the doctor replied that yes, my father did. The doctor then put the book down, and started to give my dad a physical while he was lying down, wearing a hospital gown. (There was also a young female nurse there.) The doctor was then giving my dad the option of amputating his left leg from the knee down, and what my dad could do with a prosthetic / fake bone. (My dad had a cast on.) My dad said to go ahead with the amputation, and he and my mom would talk about it while waiting for the appointment.

My mom, and dad, started watching a movie that showed a lady, man, and baby, none connected to each other. (The lady would pretend she was pregnant when in public, and would wear that fake pregnancy thing.) They were in a white room, and the baby became hungry. The man gave the baby to the lady, who reluctantly took it after putting on the fake pregnancy thing, and put the baby to her right breast, which the baby sucked on until satisfied.

My mom was at the waiting room / parking lot waiting for my dad, and mentioned to the doctor that a girl at the desk told her either that there wasn’t a restroom, or that the one that was there was a uni – sex (and my mom didn’t want to use it). The doctor told my mom that the girl was new.

My dad finally came out to the parking lot, and several of the cars moved positions (so that he wouldn’t take, and crash them?).

Jennifer Lopez, and Marc Anthony are still happily married, with three young girls. The middle one is about seven, and the young one is about one. They are dressed up, sitting at a restaurant type booth, waiting. The youngest is sitting on the table in front of Jennifer, facing her. The middle one is sitting on the edge of the bench on the other side not looking very happy (the bench is shaped like an L so that some of it goes around half of the table.)

They are back at their house, outside, playing with two of their horses on their driveway. The horses disappear, and they are now on the concrete path from the sidewalk to the front door. It’s mildly snowing. Part of the path, going out past the sidewalk to the street, is made of turf, with logs underneath, not smoothly, but they were able to walk over.

Something about Halloween, and it seemed like it hadn’t gone by yet because not many people were excitedly participating.

On his last day, a politician started calling out / naming people as they were getting out of their desks, somewhat cowering, and leaving out a door in the front on the right.

Ray’s (contractor) brother’s left hand was bandaged from the pinky to middle finger. His thumb, and forefinger were both half missing.

There was a black, dark cloud as Ray, and his brother were working on the truss of the addition (in back of house), and it started to mildly rain. Ray sighed, and said, ” I knew it.”

I was at a gas station, filling a bowl, spilling over, for an invisible dog, using a water fountain they had. An older lady, who had her own dog, walked by with a surprised look on her face.

Madonna hired a circus to perform during her concert, and they were doing spectacular performances. The performers I saw were on stilts.

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