I was in a classroom in the back left seat. Seems I was just visiting, and not a student. A girl came in to take a history test. She looked at it, didn’t know the answers, crumpled the papers, threw them away, and walked away / out. The teacher (male) was disappointed she didn’t know history. I was thinking that I didn’t remember much of history, though I had already taken it, and passed.

I had a fitted light green sheet over me, and the teacher stretched it out up to the girl in the front seat of the row, passing the others in the row, who seemed to be facing sideways, looking in at the students.

Something about choosing a door to go through, and after not taking much thought, went through a door that seems to have dealt with the USPS. (My mom’s dad, who passed before she married, worked for them.) I don’t remember what was on the other side.

Something about not being able to pass through a gated fence because of whatever was happening on the other side. I went through anyway. (It seems like the fence was in someone’s front yard, and the gate to the fence kept moving, each time I would show up, closer toward me.)


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