I was about to move into a small, somewhat circular shaped, studio. As I went to check it out before moving in, I saw a couple piles of what looked to be sawdust, as if someone had just cut some wood, and left it there. One of which, or perhaps both (?), was on top a counter.

A man with black hair, and mustache, black clothes, long black (felt?, wool?) trench coat (?), jumps into a dark pond / water, and doesn’t come back up. I tell this to some women (with money) I’m with. They describe him, and tell me not to worry because he does this all the time, and continue on having fun.

I tell Helen (who I used to work with) to tell her daughter (who in waking life is actually her sister, who also worked at the same place), what? Her daughter is pregnant and looks about ready to give birth. Helen tells me her daughter isn’t going to keep the baby because she is no longer with her partner.

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