We’re Closed

I’m inside, at the front door, with it open, but with a closed screen, filming butterflies outside.

(1 yr. old?) Baby with wet diaper doesn’t want (his?) wet diaper changed, but I say, that yes, it needs to be changed.

(54th day?)

I went on a tour of a wealthy submarine. I didn’t see it, but just knew I had.

Ali kept getting calls from Africa, but he would talk in English, while we were at different stores. At one of the stores, while I was waiting for him, we were in a sort of waiting room, I saw a display case showcasing different things from the city I live in (Riverside, Ca). I see two toothpick flags together (one of them the American flag), It looks like one of them is a Norwegian flag, but as I look closer, I see that it isn’t, and don’t recognize where it could be from, and then think that there would be no reason for a Norwegian flag to be in there (my ancestors are from there). In this “waiting room”, there is also a Mexican family, and the children are complaining about what the others are doing (someone had turned off the oven before the pumpkin cookies(?) were done, someone was switching different items around, etc).

A girl, wearing a knee-length dress, at her parents house at the end of the (working) day, is on the phone and says to the worker on the other end that the calls will be forwarded to her phone so that the workers can clean up. She then gets a call, and tells the caller that they’re closed. She then gets up to leave to go to the business.

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