Mark had married again, and they were coming to visit. I had bought a baby item (wipes comes to mind) for to surprise them when they came. I was outside when they showed up, pulling into the driveway. I was holding this surprise when they came, and was disappointed thinking they had seen it. They had their stuff in the car / truck (looked like a car in front, but was able to see their stuff in the back as if it were a truck), with also a bunch of bulk baby items (as if from a warehouse club like Costco), with diapers visible on the side.

I was in a room, walking around, listening to a song, and thinking I wished I could remember it when I woke so that I could write it down. (I wouldn’t have known the notes / parts to it, but could’ve written the words.)

I hid a movie inside, on top, of a full diaper bag.

I was somewhere where there were young college age girls, and standing in front of an open concept closet (no doors). I said out loud that (I had read?) it’s best to put a rug on the bottom of the closet first, to keep the bugs away. No one was listening, as there was a girl in the room to the left playing video games (I don’t play / haven’t played in a long time), and girls on the right doing their own thing. (There was a plush gray rug that I used, then put some old shirts on top.)


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