(From April 8, 2013)

A room in the house where I was renting / living needed its wood beams, in the vaulted ceiling, which were exposed, fixed. A guy came and wanted to park his car on the driveway, and would open the garage door, which I then would close it because I didn’t want it open. The owner then came, with some other young guys, to fix the beams.

(From April 3, 2013)

I was in the Middle East with a group of people in the evening walking down a desert road. To the left, about 10 – 15(?) miles away, there was a building being bombed with about 3 – 4 bombs. There was no feeling of fear, or harm, it was just something that happened to be happening at that moment.

(From March 29, 2013)

I had “gone” in my pants, and kept it there for a short bit until I was able to get to a bathroom, where I flushed it.

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