A lady had recently lost her metaphysical job, and was living off of her savings. I was at her house in the evening time, and she was getting ready to go to bed. It seems I was doing something with her stereo system, and speakers, and I think a young adult son of hers was there as well.

I went to the movies, and the movie was a black comedy. I knew this before the movie started. There were black women there. The dream ended before anything showed up on screen.

I was somewhere where there were different festivities going on. I’m there with my family (they’re not prominent, distinct) in an area with flowers, and it seems a stone tower. I take pictures of the flowers, but somehow they get lost (as if I had taken them with film, and the film had gotten lost).

At the same place, I’m sitting next to a light skinned black women on a “stage”. She is there with her family. We are friendly with each other, but don’t speak, or look at each other. At one point I use a piece of fabric between us by my face to “hide”. I see her young daughter, about 1 – 1 1/2 yrs old, walk away from us, about 10 – 15 feet, toward a vendor with a cart. I don’t know if she wanted to see what he had, or if there was a person there she was going to. I chuckle to myself at how cute she is when she walks.

In another area, I am walking along a sidewalk barely holding a man across my body in front, with his head on the left side. Though it is  more of him holding on to me, than me holding on to him. A lady comes by us, not saying anything, then leaves. I ask him if she’ll tell his wife, and he nods yes. We have to stop walking for there is a line of bicyclists coming across, and we wait until the end of the line has past.

There is a memorial for the fallen military, and some of the names have been worn off. I say, or think to myself, that I’ll come back to it later to look at.

I come back to the place I was at in the beginning with my family, where the flowers are. I see a bee on one of the flowers (looks like it could be part of the sunflower family, with maroon type color in the middle of the petals, and the edges curled up a bit). I recall that I had taken those other pictures before taking the ones I am recently taking. I feel a bit saddened at losing the earlier photos.


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