I’m watching a “soap”, and notice that the show has started incorporating actors who have a bit of weight on them, and that these actors are playing regular roles. One such character is a female who happens to be engaged to a slim male character. They are at a house, having fun, dancing around. From what I can see, she looks to be about 1 -2 inches taller than him.

I see (first name?) Walker down on her knees gardening(?). Doing something. Another lady is there talking to her. I want to ask her how her youngest, Katie, who has a family of her own, is doing? (I don’t know why I would ask about her since she was several years younger than I, and only saw her at church.)

Something about I’m watching a comedy skit tv show, and realizing that this person is becoming famous from this show, instead of becoming famous, and then having this show.

Something about paper folders with papers inside.

There are a handful of people (both male, and female) playing around with wigs they are wearing before class. They are now sitting, and reading. A lady says to a guy across from her, “Spiritual leader, I know how to do this.” (She puts her left hand up to her cheek with her pinky out, it’s supposed to be part of sign language.) I then ask him (incredulously?), “Spiritual leader? Don’t you have a name?”

A Polynesian (Samoan, Tongan, New Zealander) man was dressed as a female with blush all over his cheek, and was portraying a female. He was in a couple of scenes of my dreams always as an actor.

1) He was acting as a bride getting married, and was crying “waterfalls” of tears, and was able to do this, because (s)he was thinking as if this wedding was her/his own. The makeup was not getting smudged. (Well, not necessarily a waterfall, but you could see them dripping from the chin.)

2) (S)he was lying next to a frozen dead person, on a bed, talking to them, romantically. The scene then closed in on her/his chin.


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