I was told ….., Know your (or, perhaps, you’re?) worth.  (The dots are there because there was a part before that I don’t remember.)

There was a gathering of people. Two of which were young (early 20’s) wealthy “girls”. They were both slim, but one was thinner than the other.  I wanted to talk to the thinner one, but felt they were out of my league, and so felt a bit uncomfortable at the prospect of talking to them. At one point, they were by themselves, and I was by them. I decided to speak up, and told the thinner girl not to let her husband talk to her that way, and that she doesn’t deserve him talking that way to her. She was paying attention, and letting it sink in. The other girl was nodding in agreement.

I had been told (maybe by those girls?) that there were a bunch of horses in England. So much that the smell of them penetrated the air. That fact didn’t bother me, and wanted to go anyway. I ended up over there (forgetting the comment about the smell, and didn’t smell anything), and was with two horses in a pasture, eating from the same stack of hay. The face of the horse on the left (when looking from the front) was about twice the size, maybe could be a little more, of a regular horse. (The horse was regular size, but I’m thinking the face was that size to make a point, which I knew this while dreaming.) As the horses started eating, the horse on the left started getting after the other, so it could eat the hay by itself. This didn’t bother the other horse. As the horse on the left would nudge, I would tell it (don’t know the sex) to share. After saying this a couple times, the horse calmed down.

There was a pond / swamp somewhere behind the horses, and I somehow found myself inside it. The scene itself was dark, though I don’t know if it was night time. It wasn’t too deep, maybe to about my chest, or waist. I made a point of looking around, and saw tons of frogs all around, outside, inside, and under the water, of different species, and color variations. (I like frogs, but not to be surrounded as this.) I also saw other slimy things in, around, and under the water. This freaked me out, and called out to the people there with me (family?), they heard me, and didn’t want to pay attention to me, so I had to get out on my own.

Inside a building with other people. I was only around the area by the front door, and it seemed to be like a house with a somewhat narrow hallway, with one, or two rooms off of the hallway. I don’t get the sense it was a house though. There was a sale about to happen (yard, garage, but inside). One of the items was a truck the size of a remote control, but wasn’t. It was black, and had the bars that go from the top of the cab, down to the bed. It had been hidden under tons of stuff (hoarding), and so was a bit dirty, even though it had been cleaned up some. There was a lady in charge, running around getting things ready for people to come in and shop. She was looking for a particular pitcher, and couldn’t find it. It was clear, “tube” shaped. I’m not sure if it was glass, or plastic. I said to her it was in the first room off of the hallway, and went to go get it.

(I was a guest dreamer posting the horse dream at Young and Jung. Check it out. There’s a possible interpretation posted.)


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